Business Email

Business Email

Email hosting allows you to create personalized and professional email addresses for you and your business. You get dedicated storage space for your emails and attachments and can send or receive mails from an intuitive Gmail-like webmail interface. You also get additional feature-packed collaboration tools like Calendar, Tasks, Documents with some flavors. These can help you work better within your teams, groups and organization.

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Communicate professionally
Use instead of

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Stay Connected
Access your emails anytime and from anywhere. Download across any Email client.

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Spam Free
In-built continuous spam filtering ensures you don’t get any extra, unwanted emails.

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Goodbye Ads
Better focus on your work and never see any ads in your webmail interface

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Do more than just Email
Work better with your team using Docs, Spreadheets, Calendars, Tasks and more!

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Storage Choice
Choice of 5GB & 30GB storage is available as per your requirement